Monday, August 10, 2009

Dashboard update!!

First of all i would like to say Movables today
Now as you all should know there is an update coming out tomorrow and i signed up for the preview so let me breakdown some of the new features....

There are several new profile features such as showing the length you have been a gold member, a new Achievement browser, and warnings if you've created a voice message with out any sound.

Party chats wil now have an automatic reconnection feature
so no more pesky disconnects and you have to stop what ur doing and navigate the menus just to get back in. There are also "Streamlined Party Invites", which supposedly have eliminated the need to go through the menus to invite friends.
Finally we can watch movies with friends...only through Netflix tho...=(
User Ratings
There are user ratings which allow us to rate games as we play them, even demos...

Games on Demand
There will be a collection og Xbox 360games to download, the ones that i have seen range from $39.99 to $19.99...that's cool

Avatar Marketplace
We all kinda expected this but it's not that bad....some of the stuff in there is cool. You canbuy game specific items such as Halo 3 items, they're not available just yet but they will be releasing soon...I cant wait to get a COG helmet from G.O.W.

Something about that name;)

There's plenty more of other various improvements that are too detailed to tell you about. The update should be rolling out sometime see you all on ur skateboards soon (they cost 80 MP but i had a couple of hundred laying around that i wasn't gonna use so i bought a couple of things). Be on the lookout for some more short vids from us coming soon!!


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving on...

Not much to say...Workin on Full feature

Keep it "g"


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Friday, July 31, 2009

And then there was 4....

Have u ever seen somebody destroy their entire reputation that just recently got established in a matter of hours??....I have, Well if u haven't heard by now Clarkyyy is no longer Recession Free, I wanna say I'm sad to see him go, but I also would love to see Meagan Fox ass naked on my couch asking me to give her an angry dragon.....NOT GONNA HAPPEN. There is alot more to it than u think, the shit that happens behind the scenes is crazy but oh well. Anyway I'm not gonna trash the guy but let's just say it wasn't because he "was bored". None the less be on the lookout for Movable Mondays!!


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bailout before The Bailout!!

I promised you guys we would make up for that horrible atrocity we called a promo, We went to work bigtime on this i don't have much more to say so here...

I hoped you guys enjoyed it!! Stay on the lookout for the full legnth


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Movables and mistakes...

Ok I wanna start off by Apologizing to the community for the promo we released, I'm truly sorry, it wasn't good at all....we're working on something big here and we just didn't put all our effort into that video. Anyway, MAN!! did u guys see that OATS vol.5? I screamed in joy when Pawn told me it was coming out but GODDAMN I didn't expect that level of excitement that was lovely. Oh yea......Its Monday huh? I have something for you all...MOVABLES!!


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Be back ;)

Well well i haven't updated this all weekend sorry about that been a little busy.This weekend was a okay didn't skate too much Lost my a dog.uhh ive just been chilling watching some videos.and Yes finally we are on the EASKATEMAG! O yeah third Page 2nd from the bottom.Thats rite we are expanding and really getting our name out there.Thanks amp.Movables! vol.2 Tomorrow!!!!Heres some of the vids i have been watching this weekend.

Come on SB you already no i was gonna post this

Favorite and the Best AM ..good old throwback!

These guys Rip it up like no other team mad respect for what they do i love me some Mustafiz !!

See ya next week

Friday, July 24, 2009

RF Best Trick Contest Winner...

OK The very first thing i wanna say is .....I have a wiener!
No seriously though this was an amazing contest i love what everybody did here, The level of originality and creativity was definitely more than what we expected, You guys were great so without further ado...........AND THE WIENERS ARE!!!!

I know alot of you are confused but remember at the beginning of the contest we asked for REALISTIC tricks and we chose one of the most REALISTIC tricks offense to the runners-up but this was everything we were looking for.

You will be contacted by us today regarding your prizes!!

Look for more contest from us in the future as we continue to try to keep the community......Recession Free!!!


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